100% natural way to keep pests out!

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All-natural and non-toxic but not intended for human or animal consumption.   

About Us

What started with a mouse problem in our own home, we were determined to find a solution. We wanted to find a solution that would not harm the animal, instead just keeping the pesky rodents from coming in all together. After testing numerous different methods and combinations of ingredients, at last, Mouse Away was born! Mouse Away was created and is manufactured by a husband and wife duo in Fargo, North Dakota. With the success we had with keeping the rodents away, we wanted to pass along this great product to you. We thank you for checking out Mouse Away. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do our products smell like?

All of our products have a pleasant scent of peppermint and cinnamon.

2) Are the products harmful to animals?

All of our products are not harmful to animals or humans. It's deterrent, not a poison. No more worries about foul odors from dead mice.

3) How long does your product last?

Up to 6 months or more depending on airflow in the treated area.

4) How much product do you need?

One package of regular strength Mouse Away can cover an average sized basement, a 2-car garage, or a 30 ft Camper/RV. Use one bag every 4-6 feet in problem areas
and any place mice may get in. For best results use liberally. You can’t use too much.

5) Does it get the mice out of your house?

No. Our products will confuse the mice & may block their exit route. Traps may be necessary to catch any mice stuck inside.

Please note: Our vented bags may settle in the package during shipping